Friday, 24 May 2013

Patience and Style

Excerpt from graphic novel by Vanessa MacLeod

I've been thinking a lot of style lately.  Now that the Gender Through Comic Books course is done, I'm devoting most of my spare time to the graphic novel I've been working on.  Currently, I'm on the 2nd draft. (example above)

I think about my favorite comic book artists who all have amazing yet totally different style.  Terry Moore for example, and Chris Ware.  When did they get comfortable with how they draw, and the way they do it?  How long did it take?  I know it's all about practice, improvement, and that never ends.  But how do you train your brain to draw something you can be happy with?  

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Comic For Gender Through Comic Books course!

Here is a comic I did for the Gender Through Comic Books course I am taking.  The assignment was to take a personal experience on the subject of gender and turn it into a comic.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

T Shirt Design for the Gender Through Comic Books course!

T-Shirt design for Gender Through Comic Books by Vanessa MacLeod

So I've been taking this really amazing online course (MOOC) called Gender Through Comic Books hosted by the amazing Christina Blanch.  It has been a great experience so far; watching cool live interviews every week (such as Terry Moore & Gail Simone), reading comic books and other really interesting articles on the subject of gender (which is vast btw), and just being part of a fascinating community of people who are sharing experiences and thoughts.

Here is a shirt design I've created for the course.  There is also another shirt design for sale by Jordan Neves and Luke Herr  (Thanks to Luke for getting all this started!)

If you are interested in purchasing one or getting more info click here:

Some of the proceeds will go to The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund  and The Hero Initiative

Also, if you want more info on what the course is about check it out here.  I highly recommend it!

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